The Round Peg Group

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We Create Customized Solutions

The Round Peg Group’s business model allows us to provide innovative solutions, while adhering to the constraints of your internal financial and personnel realities. We work with you to define and clarify your needs, priorities, and goals.  From there we scope the project and assemble a “short list” of qualified Round Peg professionals for your consideration. Together, we determine the best “fit” and then we get to work.

We are not a one-size-fits-all shop. We do what makes sense. We structure the engagement to best guarantee success. We offer our services on an hourly, project or retainer basis. You tell us what you need and we will create a structure that works.

We Deliver Top Talent

We find the right professional(s) for the task at hand. We provide professionals who are ready to go on Day One.  You get senior level expertise without any long-term obligation or overhead. And because we vet our Round Peg colleagues, searching for the highest level of integrity and excellence, you receive quality services and professional commitment at a level commensurate with that of your full-time staff. Our job is to find the perfect fit.

We Produce Results

Our company’s solutions are designed for immediate impact.  Because we scope the project to precisely fit your needs, you always get just what you need, for as long as you need it. Never more and never less.  We keep our rates reasonable and our services streamlined so that we consistently deliver client-focused and practical results.

We Make it Easy

Your agreement is with us. By tapping into Round Peg’s network, you can leapfrog over interviewing, negotiating, and hiring unknowns and get straight to work on the business at hand.  We handle all of the front- and back-end administrative and contractual details, so our consultants can focus on your needs and what they do best. We are accountable for the big picture, providing strategic direction and project oversight, as necessary, to ensure the quality and outcome of the engagement.

We Create Win-Wins

We have a set of ideas about work, personal and professional fulfillment, and the benefit of putting professionals to their highest and best use. By understanding the needs, strengths and aspirations of both our clients and our pool of professional talent, we create relationships and solutions that produce outstanding results. Finding the right fit for each half of the equation makes for very satisfied clients and very productive professionals.