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Peace of Mind.  I started The Round Peg Group in 2004 after working for 15 years in industry, government, and non-profit organizations. During that time, I learned that there are a lot of super smart people out there who are very good at what they do. People who broadcast competency and inspire confidence with their can-do attitude, a joie de vivre, and a way of seeing the world that adds value because they can spot opportunity, organize for success, and are as adept at putting out fires as they are at lighting them!

They are people you are proud to know and want on your team. Whatever it takes, the job gets done. Everyone carries their weight and then some. They enjoy the fray. They love the work. They thrive on challenge and they fight to be the best and finish first. When you work with people like that, anything is possible.

So I sought out people with these characteristics who had also gone out on their own and created The Round Peg Group. Round Peg brings these people together with their specialized talents and expertise to help them find the right fit, work to their potential, and be rewarded for producing results.

At Round Peg, we offer you real people. Not the proverbial hired gun.  Someone we know is going to care about your bottom line and meeting your expectations, not someone else’s. Someone who settles only for success.

There’s one other aspect of Round Peg you should know about. We hold ourselves, our independent professionals, and our work to the highest quality and ethical standards.  Our promise: providing you the perfect fit and peace of mind.  You can hold us to it.

Carolyn Van Damme

Founder, The Round Peg Group