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Carolyn A. Van Damme

President and Founder

CarolynCarolyn Van Damme is President of The Round Peg Group.  She is a serial entrepreneur – always seeking out new challenges and opportunities. Before creating Round Peg in 2004, Carolyn had worked for the high-tech industry, a beltway bandit, an industry non-profit, a start-up, and the government.  Trained as an engineer, she thinks both logically and strategically – a talent that allows her to successfully combine her technical education and outlook with hands-on business and managerial experience.  The net result is fresh thinking and innovative, practical client solutions.

Prior to founding Round Peg, Carolyn served as the Acting Vice President at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, responsible for business development and a portfolio of federal contracts for agencies as diverse as the National Science Foundation,  the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.  While at Potomac, she also served as Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff to the White House's National Coordination Office for Information Technology Research and Development.

Carolyn’s experience includes serving as: the Senior Advisor for Marketing and Communications for the U.S. Commerce Department's Advanced Technology Program; a Vice President for Infotech Strategies providing strategic counseling to high-tech companies, start-ups and coalitions; and the Technology Counsel to the Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP), a coalition of CEOs from the major U.S. computer companies.

Ms. Van Damme also spent time at Podesta Associates and the Council on Competitiveness.  She started her career with hands-on experience as a field engineer with Schlumberger and Contel Cellular. Carolyn received both her Master of Science in Public Policy and her Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, three children, and their dog.